Wiremesh is a popular product used in the present day. Square Wire Mesh also called as wire cloth or wire fabric is an important product manufactured by Pioneer. From industrial to commercial, this square wire mesh is put to a wide variety of application. It has a clan appearance and uniform grid patterns. This makes the square wire mesh an economically viable product. This wire mesh is used as storage containers, safety barriers, security fencing, for loading animals and more. They are also capable to be used in the construction and engineering industries.




With a diligent team and modern technology, Pioneer manufactures rectangular wire mesh which are fabricated under the supervision of the industry leaders and professionals. This wire mesh consists of woven or welded wires in a rectangular grid. The rectangular wire mesh is used for outdoor applications like pavements, precast panels, warehouse and industrial shed slabs.




Pioneer is engaged in the manufacturing of double crimped wire mesh also known as plain weave. These are manufactured and designed using high-grade raw material and latest technology. The double crimped wire mesh is used widely for the high quality, performance and durability. It is made up of carbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wir. The wire is pre-crimped before weaving. It is used generally for screening in mines, coal factories, petrochemical industries, floor gratings, poultry protection, building construction, paving and more. The double crimped wire mesh has longer service life and is corrosion and abrasion resistant. It also offers robust construction.




The inter crimped wire mesh is made up of stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire etc by by weaving with pre-crimped metal wire to form square or rectangular holes. This wire mesh is so called because the crossing points of the wire are both crimped points. Since it offers greater stability, tightness of weave and maximum rigidity, it is widely used for wall decoration, doors, ceiling and roofing decorations and also at different sites of the building. It is further used for fixed partitions or isolations in architectural uses.




With firm commitment to quality, Pioneer offers an exclusive range of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh designed in accordance with international standards and norms. The texture of this wire mesh varies from being fine, soft and flexible tovery rigid. Modern technique and a flexible production planhelps us to manufacture products which meets the exact requirements of the customer. Stainless steel wire mesh is resistant to corrosion. It is also usable under high pressure, high temperature, high tension. Hence it is used as a filter in plastic, rubber and oil industryalongwithwire-drawing, weaving of wire mesh, soft pipe, beam of cabinet, steel wire rope etc.




With high tensile strength and resistance to abrasions and wear & tear, carbon steel wire mesh is is used in various industries for applications like separation, filtration, grading, crushing and more. It offers rigid construction and has the ability to withstand high temperatures. Hence it is highly suitable for processing heavy abrasive materials like ores, crushed stones, coal and more. Carbon Steel Wire Mesh finds its application in various industries including waste management, cement industry, construction industry, food processing, agriculture, ceramic and metallurgical industries. Pioneer offers these wire mesh in different diameters and thickness to meet individual requirements.




GI Wire Mesh is manufactured using top grade material and contemporary machines according the set industrial norms. Fine quality, Flexibility and High tensile strength describes the GI Wire Mesh manufactured by the company. This Wire Mesh finds its usage in a variety of industries including mines, oil, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals etc. The GI Wire Mesh has a longer life and also involves less maintenance cost. It is also used in railway stations, construction sites, warehouses, etc for security purposes. Rust resistance, high endurance and dimensional accuracy are the important features of GI Wire Mesh.




The company is engaged in the manufacturing of MS Wire Mesh using its vast industry knowledge. Durable, maintenance free and precisely designed, the MS Wire Mesh are resistant to all manufacturing defects and gives a flawless performance in specific industry. Being resistant to rust, it is widely used in the application of filters, strainers, baskets, sieves and separator. It is widely used in the fencing of residential and commercial complexes owing to its aesthetic appeal and quick installations.




Our proprietor aims to set a benchmark as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Spring Steel HCHT Wire Mesh. Made with international quality standards and raw materials, Spring Steel Wire Mesh is largely used for separating, sizing, filtering, crushing, grading, metallurgy, mining, ceramic and civil engineering industries. It comes quite handy for making protective covers for the machines since the welding points remain intact even when the mesh is cut into parts. It i usually made using Galvanized Steel Wire.




The company is engaged in the manufacturing of MS Wire Mesh using its vast industry knowledge. Durable, maintenance free and precisely designed, the MS Wire Mesh are resistant to all manufacturing defects and gives a flawless performance in specific industry. Being resistant to rust, it is widely used in the application of filters, strainers, baskets, sieves and separator. It is widely used in the fencing of residential and commercial complexes owing to its aesthetic appeal and quick installations.




Dutch Weave or the Hollander Wire mesh as it is called, is a plain weave with warp wires of larger diameter than weft wires. With the dynamic needs of our esteemed customers, Pioneer manufactures high quality Dutch Weave Wire mesh which is made up of a limited number of warp wires interwoven with the maximum number of weft wires. The wires are driven up much closer during the weaving process and the end result is a more densely compacted media and a very strong and firm cloth. This kind of weave is particularly used for high-pressure filtration as this is stronger and more durable than plain weave wire meshes. It is also used for liquid filtration for petrochemical, aerospace, pharmaceutical and even on wastewater treatment facilities.




Welded mesh are a quick and efficient method of improving security. The company provides high quality welded mesh with galvanized finish thus making it ideal for metal fencing. It is so designed as to withstand harsh weather conditions. The welded mesh is put to varity of uses:

  1. Used as machinery guards in the factories
  2. Used as racking and storing in warehouses
  3. Used for the plants and creepers in the garden
  4. Used for making feed racking system, rearing cages etc in farming




Pioneer offers Woven Wire Mesh in different lengths, sizes and designs which are developed in accordance to international standards. Excellently finishes and priced reasonably, this wire mesh finds a wide requirement in the market. Woven Wire mesh is resistant towards the chemicals, corrosion, heat, wear and tear, has high sturdiness etc. It finds wide application in welding, heat treatment and forming.



The Inconel Wire Mesh is an alloy of nickel , chromium and molybdenum.This kind of wire mesh are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Hence it can be put to use in extreme weather conditions and in immense pressure and heat. Inconel Wire Mesh is used in chemical processing, pressure valve and heat exchange applications. It further offers resistance to stresses caused by corrosive acids and has high tensile strength, yields strength and stability.



With excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, copper wire mesh is used widely as it conducts heat upto eight times better than other commonly used metals. It is highly in demand owing to its superior finish and excellent quality. Other features of copper wire mesh includes high tensile strength, versatility, low thermal expansion, fire safety, sustainability etc. Home owners and designers opt for copper woven wire mesh for residential projects including gutter guards, fireplace screen, or decorative wall panels. It is further used in energy storage, electric heaters, metalsmithing and bookbinding, robotics and power automation and more.



Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The Brass Wire Mesh is manufactured using premium grade base material bought by the trusted dealers of the industry.It is woven by brass wire, phosphor bronze wire or the copper wire. It offers better resistance against abrasion, corrosion and has lower electrical conductivity. It is put to variety of usage like separation and sifting kinds pellet, grain, porcelain earth and glass etc. The Brass Wire Mesh is put to use in various industry like architecture, aerospace, room separation and dividers, fireplace screens, power generation and more.



The Plastic Wire Mesh is manufactured using High Density Polyethylene. It is UV Stabilized and rot & chemical resistant.It also offers the idea lprotection against the insects. The Plastic Wire mesh produced by Pioneer is put to various applications like aquaculture and for artificial breeding of fish and shrimps. One can avail this wire mesh in various thickness and range. It is highly durable, has long service life andis cost effective.



The Nylon Wire mesh is manufactured using high quality raw materials and the latest technology in accordance to the industry standards. This Wire Mesh is fire retardant and has the perfect strength with a durable finish. It further has long durability, dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength. It is put to use in screening and filtering of pharmacy, chemical industry, dyestuff, fishing and food stuff.



Aluminium Wire Mesh is made with aluminium wire with fetures like high strength, corrosion resistant and sturdiness. It is used majorly against flies and mosquitoes, machinery protection, ventilation material and receiving signals as it Is lightweight and strong and has high electrical conductivity. Aluminum woven wire mesh is a popular choice for a wide array of industries including aerospace and automotive, as well as marine and electrical conductivity applications.



Manufactured using qualitative polyethylene, the HDPE Wire Mesh is used majorly for giving protection against small insects and debris. It is manufactured using using outstanding quality plastic and advance techniques in accordance with the quality norms. The quality of these HDPE Wire Mesh is tested on various parameters before the product is delivered to the client. It also provides excellent light transmission and enables good air-flow. The Mesh is UV stabilized and chemical resistant. It can further be used as fencing for industrial plots.



Pioneer manufactures high quality Mosquito Wire Mesh made using premium grade raw materials which is a fine screening mesh. It offers optimum protection against the smallest of insects and also allows the inflow of fresh air and light. High strength, excellent finish, low maintenance marks the mosquito mesh manufactured by the company. The screening mesh is rigid enough to be installed in panels and used as insect netting.



The company manufactures high quality Filter Wire Mesh which are known for their supreme strength, superior quality and durability. This Wire mesh is majorly used for preventing contamination in the molten mass and various plastic industries, synthetic fibre industries, poly and spinning departments and more. Owing to excellent performance, Filter Wire Mesh is greatly in demand by the customers.



SS 304 Type Wire Mesh are attractive and quite strong. Further they are corrosion resistant, attractive and allows good air flow. Being a popular wire mesh, this is used for sorting and screening of abrasives, liquids, powders and other solids. SS 304 Type Wire Mesh is strong, less expensive and has high consumer appeal. It is also used for drying racks, supports and guards.



The SS 316 Type Wire is made using stainless steel and it is the second most widely available of all stainless steels in the wire mesh industry.It is marked by excellent heat and corrosion resistance by salts, acids and seawater. Sturdy, strong and stable, the SS 316 Type Wire mesh is used in outdoor and marine environments. It is also excellent for fabrication purposes and can be cut to size with appropriate tools and machinery. This type of wire mesh finds its usage in various industry including marine technologies, rubber and plastic machinery, refinery and oil field, aerospace, automotive, food preparation and processing and more.



Fine Mesh offered by the company is made of high quality raw material. It is categorically used for sifting, draining of pulses and vegetables etc. They are also used to drain the liquids from pulses and to refine the texture ofsauces etc.